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What drives consumer behaviour?
What are the latest market research techniques?
How do we identify the key touchpoints?
Who can provide intelligent data insight?
Arkenford can! We develop bespoke solutions to provide client empowering facts

Arkenford are an innovative market research consultancy who use bespoke data analysis to provide compelling insight allowing clients to make informed commercial decisions. Our Bright Minds combine a passion for research with the latest data technologies backed by our own in-house IT experts. Scroll down to read more about some of the latest techniques we have used…

MRS - Market Research Society
IIP - Investors In people
Arkenford Team

Our Values


We think problems through intelligently, and add value
through perceptive insight of the issues and
understanding of the business needs


We actively create and develop innovative and original ways
to add value and meet client needs cost effectively, aiming
to be at the forefront of research techniques and ideas


We pursue projects with energy and drive
ensuring we achieve the best possible results
for our clients

Our Team

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  • Crawford Christie

     Managing Director

  • Ben Moxon


  • Deborah Parrott

     Operations Manager

  • Iain Gibson

     Associate Director

  • Alan Gardiner

     Systems Development Manager

  • Dan Marshall

     Research Manager

  • Emma McHarg

     Research Manager

  • Kelvin Charles

     Research & Operations Support Manager

  • Christianna Karouta

     Senior Research Executive

  • Mike Pavey

     Senior Research Executive

  • Iga Zawada

     Research Statistician

  • Natalie Webb

     Research Executive

  • Sylvain Calmelet

     Research Executive

  • Navneet Sirha

     Front-End Web Developer

  • Frankie Hardman

     Research Executive

  • Tim Cooper

     Business & Enterprise Consultant

  • Hannah Mead

     Research Executive (Student Placement)

  • Gabriel Zeller

     Web Developer


Customer Experience

Our research can help you align your strategy directly with what your customers want, using:

  • Customer Satisfaction, NPS, NES
  • Real-Time Feedback
  • Customer Journeys/Profiling
  • Key Touchpoint Identification
  • Visitor Profiling
  • Behaviour Drivers

Tracking Research

We run various tracking studies over a range of time-intervals:

  • Market Sizing
  • Syndicated Tracking
  • Ad & Brand Tracking
  • Purchase Intention Tracking
  • Perception & Buzz Tracking
  • Attitude and Usage Tracking

Maximising your Data

We understand data, so we use a bespoke approach combining a variety of methodologies:

  • Text Analytics
  • Database Analysis
  • Database Profiling
  • Sales Forecasting
  • GIS Data Mapping

NPD / Brand / Ad Testing

We can support your marketing strategy and product development through:

  • Concept Studies
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Advertising Audits
  • Brand Development
  • Positioning / Character / Values Testing
  • Pre & Post Ad Campaign Testing


We build segmentations for global, local, event and specific market sector audiences, including:

  • Values / Needs Based
  • Attitudinal / Psychographic
  • Demographic
  • Multivariate

Global Research

We help you to engage with audiences across the world and have worked in over 30 countries using a range of methods including:

  • Field and Tab services
  • Online
  • Face to face / CAPI
  • Telephone
  • Focus Groups / Depth Interviews
  • Online Groups / Discussion Boards

Business Analytics

We can develop analytical techniques that create genuine insight from your data:

  • Market Sizing & Analysis
  • Web Data Mining
  • Behaviour Analysis
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Market & Behavioural Modelling
  • Churn Analysis

Communicating your Data

We can help you engage with your research, delivering insight in many forms:

  • Online & Interactive reporting
  • Dashboarding
  • Real-time reporting
  • KPIs / Business metrics
  • Brand Maps
  • Data visualisation / Infographics

Community Panels

We can provide a range of community panel solutions, including:

  • Online Panel Management
  • Robust Representative Panel Samples
  • Sector Specific Panels
  • Online Recruitment
  • Online Groups & Discussion Boards


  • National Trust

    Arkenford runs the Visitor Experience research programme for over 300 National Trust UK properties. The study is reported at national, regional and property levels and is widely used to inform ongoing development strategies.

  • Fellowes

    Fellowes are very focussed when it comes to the design, positioning, and advertising of their products. Arkenford has run studies across various product categories to make their products stand out in the marketplace.

  • East Village

    On the site of the 2012 Olympic Village, East Village is London's newest neighbourhood. Arkenford built a segmentation of London Renters to help them to identify and position their brand accordingly.

  • Ireland Customer Journey

    Arkenford tracked the customer booking journey in GB, US and Europe, identifying the key touchpoints enabling Fáilte Ireland to turn Ireland from 'a place to visit one day' into a 'place to visit tomorrow'.

  • Student Loans

    Student Finance can be a confusing area. Through face to face depth interviews across four audience types we researched reactions about the change in brand from 'apply' to 'repay' to enable SLC to simplify their process.

  • ABTA

    The ABTA Tourism Trends study evaluates consumer booking habits and intentions and assesses response to current tourism topics. Arkenford also report the findings at the ABTA annual conference.

  • Microsoft

    Arkenford researched a major feature and pricing analysis on proposed IPTV content packages which were tested for their different functional and content features as well as financial appeal using the Van Westendorp Technique.

  • Nesta

    Innovative online investigation using "Big Data" to create a detailed mapping of the UK games industry. This newly developed approach provided key evidence about the scale of this increasing economically significant sector.

Global Adventures


Our bi-annual study tracks the awareness, play rate and enjoyment of over 200 different computer game brands on all of the different consoles. This is replicated globally providing robust analysis of brand profiles with clear segmentations and key trend information by country! for more information

Visit Britain

Arkenford provided Visit Britain with a data set from online research that allowed them to classify, segment and prioritise key international markets. The information collected covered:

  • Socio-demographic and economic data on travellers
  • Holiday needs, priorities and behaviour of travellers
  • The UK’s competitive position v other competitor markets based on a set of key destination attributes

The data is now used as a benchmark to test the impact of future campaigns.

GameVision World Showcase
Visit Britain World Showcase

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